Play Dodgeball

Games usually last 2 hours and the padded studio and lobby are steps from Davis Square in Somerville, home to many popular night spots; if the gang decides to continue the party into the evening.

The game of Dodgeball at this space is played in a padded, comfortable space. There is great music and parking. You will find superb seating in the lobby where the spectators may sit and watch the sport through the wall of windows and music to top off all the fun!

Bring all of your friends and don't forget to be the first 20 in the door, one of you will win a free party slot at our space, to run your own Dodgeball night or dance party, you name it!
Remember:we need 24 people for a good game and come dressed for the event to save time and lines!


Looking for a way for your employees to gel more as a team? Need to find a fun, energizing and unique way to relieve stress? Dodgeball of Boston has the answer!

Isn’t Dodgeball that game we loved to play in elementary school?
How can Dodgeball help our employees and ultimately, our company?

  • Dodgeball is played in teams of 6-8 people and creates a team bonding experience not available to most adults since high school or college sports.

  • Dodgeball is the ultimate stress reliever: it provides adults the opportunity to expend energy and invoke their competitive spirit in a manner typically prohibited with other willing participants.

  • Your employees will have a chance to take the competition out of the office and into the playing arena, let down their inhibitions, and revert to the free-spirited stress-free nature of childhood.

  • Dodgeball is a fast, fun and exciting environment not only to play, but also to be a spectator.

The Space: Our space features an open area with plenty of natural light, air conditioning and fresh air exposure. We offer a specifically designed 1600 square food padded floor and supreme sound system. A 12-car parking lot and ample street parking are available.

How do you play? The game is simple to play. There are 6 balls lined up in the middle of the floor, 3 for each team. When the whistle blows, 3 people from each team run out into the middle of the floor and pick up a ball. Once back in their designated area, the balls are thrown at the opposing team. If you are hit by a ball you are out. The first team to get all of the other team’s players out wins. No shots above the shoulders are allowed, and the throwing player is out. Simple rules - simply fun!

OK, I'm hooked - now what?

A typical tournament consists of 6-8 teams or 36-48 people and takes approximately 2 hours.

  • We have the capability to run as many as 10 teams or 70 people.

  • Dodgeball of Boston charges a basic rate per person; additional arrangements can be made for providing refreshments.

  • Events can be held on either Wednesday morning to lunch, Friday afternoons to evenings, or weekends depending on availability

To book your event today contact:
Dodgeball of Boston
1 Broadway, Arlington, MA 02474
781.643.1377 /

What our clients say about events at Dodgeball of Boston:

"Best Team Building Event Ever! Well orchestrated and executed by Dodgeball of Boston."-
Christina of Oracle Corporation

" Everyone who attended Friday’s dodgeball company outing said that it was the best event we’ve ever had. That includes the annual company football, hockey, and bowling match-ups…. Thanks for all your help coordinating this – the event was a huge success."

- Heid from Sankaty Advisors/Bain Capital

"The dodgeball charity tournament was a great success. I continue to only hear how great, fun, and exciting the event was from my peers and superiors. Everyone within my division is looking forward to another Dodgeball Tournament with Dodgeball of Boston."

-Tran of State Street Bank of Boston

“The Dodgeball Tournament for the Haiti Relief Fund was a great night for Project Place. It was a great way for our staff to get ‘out of the office’ and also help support Haiti! Dodgeball was so much more fun than we all remembered!!” Liz"